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Author/Lecturer Tom Wieckowski has lectured for numerous
societies, civic groups, and adult education 

Thank you for visiting my Web site. I hope you find my books and the information about my research of interest. The Philadelphia area is rich in history and I enjoy telling the fascinating stories of the people and events that made this area great.
Tom Wieckowski



“A Spectacle for Men and Angels”

 After two years of vicious warfare, the North was reeling. President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation went into effect on January 1, 1863, and a group of prominent Philadelphia businessmen pledged themselves to support the Union and President Lincoln without reservation. Mostly of Quaker beliefs and long-time supporters of abolition, the group formed a patriotic club named the Union League. Next, they took on the task of raising colored regiments and establishing Camp William Penn, the first Federal training ground for colored troops. This is the story of that valiant enterprise. This lecture will discuss the Abolition movement and the other conditions that led to the establishment of the camp in Cheltenham and the many local connections to this historic camp. The presentation in based on the 2013 book A Spectacle for Men and Angels by Thomas J. Wieckowski and David I. Harrower.

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“Making Marathon: A History of Early Wyncote”

 Facetiously called “Marathon” by a famous author and resident, the area was discovered in the second half of the nineteenth century by wealthy industrialists and capitalists who made it the first Gilded Age suburb. This lecture follows the development of the land from William Penn’s green countryside, through Gilded Age resort, to the village for “the rest of us.” Nationally known bee-keepers, international bankers, entrepreneurial congressmen and dabblers in the novel sport of professional baseball made the community we know as Wyncote today. They flocked to the new village for the clean air, lush landscapes, and picturesque rolling countryside that promised “calm contentment and restful influences of country homes.”  

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